Large lightweight earrings, Big boho earrings, Stripy earrings in navy, greys, black and white, Polymer clay, Oval earrings. Modernist


Original but easy to wear stripy earrings will add a touch of chic to any outfit. I mixed the colours I wanted – the navy, dark grey and light grey, and added black and white, then cut out stripes in various widths and added them to a base of black. After being cured, they were sanded and given a light polish with renaissance wax to enhance the colours and give a little protection.
They were finished with silver plated ear wires.

The subtle colour palette would look great with many colours, especially navy and grey.

Length 4.5 cm at max
Width 3.2 cm at max
Weight (for both) 11 g

Earrings £9

To buy, click here

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