Polymer clay necklace, Pink necklace, Geometric pendant in lemon and pink, Klimt style , Pretty lightweight pendant on necklace of pearls

2017-10-01 14.23.24

This pretty pendant will enhance your summer outfits with its delicate shadings of pearlised pale and deep pinks, lemon, black and white. Equally it will look stunning with your winter colours – especially black, grey or white. The design is made by mixing all the colours from polymer clay and then adding equal measures of pearl polymer clay to each. Small circles of the colours are put through the extruder and then slices of the resulting tube are placed on silver grey polymer clay. The patterned clay is then placed upside down into a cutter and a ‘lid’ of pink clay placed on it to produce the pod shaped hollow pendant. After curing, the pendant has been given a light wax coating with renaissance wax to give some protection and enhance the colours. The pendant has been added to a simple necklace of matching pink pearls, complementing small glass wine coloured beads and Tibetan silver spacers.

The necklace would make a beautiful gift for somebody special, or a stylish statement for yourself!

Length of chain (excluding pendant) 43 cm (17 “)
Pendant 5.5 cm long, 2.5 cm wide and 1.5 cm depth (2″ x 1″ x 0.5”)
Weight 26 g

Necklace £16

To buy, click here


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