How it all began

My name is Sue Butler and I am passionate about creating unique and stylish jewellery to enhance people’s lives.

This is the story of how Designsforhope jewellery and polymer clay accessories began:

In 2010 I received a challenge from the charity which works with children and young people who have been orphaned or affected by AIDs in some way, in countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi and Uganda. We were shown a presentation of what the charity was doing currently, and we were then given £10 and told to invest it and to make £100 to forward this valuable work. For further information on the work of Weseehope, and the 10/10 challenge you can visit their website at

I spent some time researching my idea of making jewellery to sell, and did some initial jewellery making courses. Then I was ready to launch my first jewellery line – my designs for HOPE!

After I sent the first £100 to Weseehope, I had become totally committed to the hugely rewarding and pleasurable development of new ideas, new techniques and new materials. I decided from that point that I would continue to give 20% of all profits to

To date (September 2019) I have sent £1200 to the charity. Every purchase helps!

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